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nacho nacho
Album/MovieRRR (2021) Hindi Mp3 Songs
ArtistsVishal Mishra, Rahul Sipligunj, MM Kreem
File Typemp3 & mp4

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Naacho Naacho (Full Video) RRR - NTR, Ram Charan | M M Kreem | SS Rajamouli | Vishal Mishra & Rahul

nacho nacho Mp3 Song Lyrics

[Intro: Macho Man Randy Savage]
"I'm talkin' about the greatest Intercontinental Champion that ever lived, the Honky Tonk Man is out of line, yeah! Cuz I am the greatest Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion that ever lived and I am the greatest professional wrestler that ever lived, and I'm livin' now, yeah, right now, uh huh."

[Verse 1: Nacho Picasso]
Bad blood, bad vibes and bad luck
Bad sluts ODing in my bathtub
Gave my ex a back rub with a Mack truck
Did her like a speed bump then I backed up
Sue me bitch, I'm racked up
Wanna act up, get smacked up
Off Xanny bars, I was half drunk
I was blacked out when she ran up
Hold up can't stand up
Someone help me pull my pants up
Police came, I put my hands up
But thank god I put them grams up
And them bands up, I get dandruff
Head and shoulders, bust mad nuts
Where's Nacho? He at Mad Cuts
Like Where's Waldo? Off mad dust
Air fresheners we don't need funk
[?] all in our trunk
We'll spray Febreeze, we'll leave you slumped
We'll air it out, whole crew is skunk
So all you do is duck, like a Buddhist monk
I had your girl, and your crew is bunk
I gave her D, all she do is flunk
That's a passing grade, but who gives a fuck?
Fucked her in the butt, never took it in the rump
Then she broke up when she couldn't take a dump
I'm Bad Santa, I got bad manners
Got bad grammar, bad bladders
In Atlanta I had asthma
LSD in my bandana
I’m Santana, blam the hammers
Need Dr. Frasier not Kelsey Grammer
Fucking Chelsea Handler, I’m the Mad Hatter
My nose is red, if I had antlers
I'm Rudolph and my clan Prancer
Pestilence, AIDS and cancer
Sorry Sway you ain't have the answers
I smashed the bitch while I was watching Manswers
Obnoxious bastard, wrapped in hazard
Tape wearing BAPE, going ape, I'm plastered
In wake of the wraith, hold your fate I mastered
The way that I flav', you could write a chapter
I crawled out the grave, threw a rave, a rapture
Fuck a damn dispatcher, all they heard was laughter

[Hook x2]
We don't give a fuck about your name
'Bout your name, mane
We don't give a fuck who you bring
It's all the same, we all insane
It's all the same, we all insane
Can't complain mane

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
Sacrificial virgin bitch
Gave her to the dirtiest
Flirtiest, unworthiest
Nacho, he the merciless
He don't know what mercy is
The hungriest and thirstiest
Couldn't get a Hershey kiss
Now get off me you thirsty bitch
I'm Halloween, no trick-or-treat
She met the trick, had dick to eat
Your main chick, come lick my sneaks
But she could roll my grass like football cleats
Insomniacs, baby we don't sleep
Just toss and turn, we bench for weeks
We play for keeps, play keep-away
We reek of yay, and spend a G a day


[Outro: Macho Man Randy Savage]
Unbelievable. Time-distortion, space is the place...(inaudible)...go down that lonesome highway, yeah! But don't be at the dice, no, reincarnation doesn't have to be. You can concentrate and you can, uh, (But) its called telepathy. (But the beat goes on?) But the beat goes on

Nacho, Nacho, Nacho, Nacho
[Repeats in background]

Can I ask you a question Macho Man?

[Macho Man]
No more questions! (echoes)
Description 1 Contributor ?

The first track of Nacho Picasso’s mixtape Trances with Wolves — The Prixtape opens up with a classic wrestling interview featuring Macho Man Randy savage, which is where the title of the song comes from. Fellow Seattle native SAT (acronym for Space Age Technology) produced the beat, which compliments Nacho’s trademark flow very well.

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