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Best of Jersey Shore Season 3 (Supercut) | MTV

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New Jersey's Finest
It's All On Me

We can go have fun, make it back by one
We can do whateva you want to do
We can go to a theme park, go and have a fun mark
Maybe both, do you want to?
We can go to the movies, have fun with the Newbies
We’ll be back by three
Go eat at a restaurant, Look all up flaunt
It’s all on me

Lil Angel (Guy)
Boy you know I like what we are doin here
We do what we want to and we have no fear
We goin to the hot places like Six Flags
I ain’t neva been to no place like that
I’ve been here, there well not everywhere,
I guess I’m kinda glad that I stayed right here
It’s fun being around you doing fun stuff
Sometimes it just like it ain’t neva enough
Let’s head to the movies and see what we wanted
Taunt the taunted, and flaunt to the flaunted
This is something I knew we could be
Cuz he’d always say (Angel it’s all on me!!)


Lil Sweetz (Nasheed)
That’s sweet of you, to do that for me
(I like you that much Sweetz come on now can’t you see?)
I see it now, but what about your lady
She see’s you with me she’ll be acting all crazy
Boo, I wanna be with you, all the time
(Let’s make it official and then your all mine)
Your not talking marriage, just a girl friend thing right
(Of course, I wouldn’t tie the knot unless we was tight)
But we are and I can see you know that too
Then he said (what would life be without you?)
As I felt my heart melt, I knew he’d do it all for me
(I better get you home or your dad’s gonna kill me!!)

Chorus 2x’s

Nasheed (Guy)
Me and Sweetz got something going on between us
When we get together can’t nobody see us
(Angel and me, well forever be together)
(With the stuff I do it’ll last forever)
Sweetz is someone I could do something for
She’d appreciate it and she wouldn’t ask for more
(Angel’s cool too, that my girl right there)
(She’s always lookin’ good, eyes, lips, cheeks, hair)
Sweetz is always doing something for me
Complimenting, and she’s always for real to me
(That’s how Angel is to, she can be real cool)
(With her looks, she’ll make you wanna drowl)
Sweetz IS like an angel, she could be heaven and skies
And she real truthful to me, she wouldn’t tell no lies
(Angel may not be an angel, but I can see she’s real sweet)
(We’ll be dance and movin, getting down to the beat)
Oh it’s like that now, Sweetz is good at that too
She’ll break it down to make you wanna say oooooooooo!
(Well, Angel can sing and rap, act or tap)
(But if I do the wrong thing, I could get a good slap)

Come On!! Come On!!
Check it!!
That’s right!!
Check it!!
We got this!! Listen!!
We got it, lets flaunt it!!
Come on!! Let’s go

Lil Sweetz (Nasheed)
You got me going crazy
Not acting lazy
Stop being hasty
It’s all on me baby
You got me going crazy
(It’s all on me baby)

Rap: Lil Sweetz (Nasheed) Lil Angel (Guy)
Check it out now!!
Sweetz, Angel, Nasheed, Guy gonna show you how, uh uh uh uh!!
Sweetz and Nasheed, we’re gonna succeed
(Pedal to the metal, baby yall can’t feed)
My guy got my back, yours got mine too
(It’s all on me, wait a sec, hold up boo)
Oh no, we gonna blow up
From the ground to the floor up!!
(Bustin out with the illest to fill this)
(With everyone tryin to cop this)
That’s all for this time, no more to say
(Any last regrets from me, anyboda)
Nope not here just hoped you’d enjoy
With the rhymes from this boy
Guy? (what?)
Sweetz, Angel, and Nasheed: Shut Up!!

Lil Sweetz
Lil Angel
It’s all on me hey yeah!!

Come on now
Come on now
It’s all on me!!

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