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dil diya gallan pagalworld
Album/MovieTiger Zinda Hai (2017) Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs
ArtistsAtif Aslam , VishalShekhar
File Typemp3 & mp4

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Dil Diyan Gallan Chanson | Tiger Zinda Hai | Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif | Atif Aslam

dil diya gallan pagalworld Mp3 Song Lyrics

Slum Village
Disco (Remix)
{*quoted phrases are titles from SV album "Fantastic, Vol. 2"*}

[Intro: Raja]
Mere sath hai tu he Raja
Tu mere bajo me tu aja
Jub tumse dekha
Hey dil diya

[T3] {*over intro*}
Uh, c'mon we bout to disco
Yeah, c'mon do it y'all, disco
Uh, we gotta disco
Uh, c'mon yeah, disco

[Intro: T3 + (Ms Jade)]
Up up in the club we wantin' disco (Ms. Jade)
On the street corner we gotta disco (Slum Vill')
We gotta disco (that's how we do) everybody better disco
C'mon... disco

[Verse: T3]
I wanna see y'all take it there on the floor
You wanted the Slum so we came with some more
Hate y'all people who hate them people who
Like to make y'all shake and make good music who
Us? we step in the pla-ace
No time to conversate get funky like the bass
Get down to the sound of the Slum and the tra-ace
Don't worry about the Sobe because the Slum is on the ca-ase
The Dirty District, dusty music
Fuck so nasty can make you lose a nugget
If you want to, bring your fluezy
Watch out for this one, this here's a doozey

[Chorus - 1]
Mere sath hai tu he Raja (disco)
Tu mere bajo me tu aja (disco)
Jub tumse dekha (disco)
Hey dil diya (disco)

{2x} - Whatever, whenever we gon' party
Standin' on the wall won't do
Feelin' a little bit of your body
Disco, disco

[Verse 2: Elzhi]
Don't sell yourself to "Fall In Love"
During "Climax" after it's done then "Go Ladies"
I mean what's up with all the "Jealousy"
You knew that it was you, her and me
You tryin' a "CB4" you better "Raise It Up"
Out of my crib take a cab
Cause "Conent Gardens" is where they flatten your wig
This for a certain chick whose name remains "Untitled"
This is "2U4U" and by you
Got sick and tired of going "Forth And Back"
Arguing about paper stacks, told you to "Hold Tight"
But you was always tryin' to "Get Dis Money"
Asked you where my dough, you said "I Don't Know"
I thought the sex was "Fantastic"
It's the "Thelonius" when I'm boning chicks, it gets the mattress
Girl "Tell Me" if you want something you can just
Make plump and if so then keep your "Eyes Up"
Now we buckwilding "What's That All About"
"Once Upon A Time" you was down now we falling out
Sweetheart we ya "Players"
You wouldn't understand if you bought +Volume 2+ from the bootleggers

[Chorus - 2] (2x) {*Ms.Jade ad-libs*}
Whatever, whenever we gon' party
Standin' on the wall won't do
Feelin' a little bit of your body
Disco, disco

[Verse: Ms. Jade]
Aiyyo I'm gettin' in while the gettin' is good
Just as long as the vision is good (uh huh)
I'm gunna rock wit ya
It don't matter just relax as you should
Doin my thing I'm a stack as I should, gon' come get ya
Mr. President and CEO man
Ain't no way they can take a thing from this ghetto woman
And the way I'm a do my thing, got to keep it comin'
In a way I'm sort of a problem
Sort of a hard act to follow
Sort of a hard thing to swallow
Ms. Jade and Slum Village y'all
Doin the disco thing and it's all for the cause
Gon' keep spittin' it raw, bar after bar-aww

[Chorus - 2] (2x)

Mere sath hai tu he Raja
Tu mere bajo me tu aja
Jub tumse dekha
Hey dil diya

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