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burj khalifapagalworld
Album/MovieLatest New Punjabi Mp3 Songs 2019
ArtistsHimmat Sandhu, Laddi Gill
File Typemp3 & mp4

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La Burj Khalifa - 50'Inside

burj khalifapagalworld Mp3 Song Lyrics

Turn me in
Cocaine in your ears
Just like Blo
Your nose will tingle, you'll be moved, your brain
Cobaine, explosion
Another legend, baby
When I give birth to a song, caring daddy
Like Lennon, Kennedy, Coltrane's parents
I X-in love you
Say no, no, no to drugs
Put your earphones in instead of needles
Even celebrities line up for my music, like propofol

My rap'll jump above your heads for the next 10 years, it'll get louder
Floor noise
I move across generations
My name was found more on medical charts than music charts
A killer rhythm that danced with b-boys who were hotter than the Billboard Hot 100
Man I OD-ed
Fevers End brought an overdose of despair and this is rehab
Call the police, the fire department, the priest and the exorcist, right now
‘Cause I'm back
Fuck competition
Higher air?
Puff puff, no passing
I'm born fly. No airport fashion
Hospital gown and saline drip, panic attack patient
I'm sick, ill, dope
Like the combination of a vic pill, coke, molly, novocain, son
This is an Epik "High"
A song made while high


The sky's underneath my feet
I'm here to get you high again

Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.
This high won't ever wear off even if I'm dead
Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.
My High is Epik.

Guess who's back?
El Chapo, this time it's legal
I know how to make everyone knock out
A high rap boss, change the name
Psycho Yankie, aka Andre, yeah that's my name
I'm an importer, it'll be like getting slapped, like totally freaking out, shocked
Not even the South American textures of Bolivia or Peru can come close
I keep producing that yield
Yeah, the perfection of a high rap
100 percent pure new shit
Music dressed with my rhythm
A thick, honest, flow, grade triple A+, blinging marbling
Come here and have some drug meat
Take a handful of my voice
Tone down with the damn noble rap
Hey, you got some of my rap on your nose
This sexy, slippery feeling
Shepherd, Labrador, biatch, your nose tingles
All the beauties of the country are yours
Plus the aprodisiacs
No joke though, my client is Haru and her father's the rhythm?
Welsh corgi genetics, superior, the mix works like a charm
Rock, elec, jazz, reggae, dance
Whatever you put in, the result is hip-hop

Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.
This high won't ever wear off even if I'm dead
Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.
My High is Epik.

I'm drunk right now
My brain can't even recognize my parents
They called me the ringleader who stole their plates
Because of those false victims' claims, I'm a Gangnam kid with wrinkles
Asking my to turn my pockets inside out as if demanding for the key
Don't blame it on me
Just stop, this is a useless revolt
These riots need to stop
There's a tumor inside your consciousness
I was offended for a while because of your random colleagues
Are you that curious about whose side I'm on?
Leave the political games to the National Assembly
No more of the "you die, I die," I die alone
You touch me and you're all dead
Actually that's a bluff, my fans and my haters are all blessed
Go, go, come, come
If you don't know, then get to know
If you see me while passing by
Come get an autograph
Take out your phone
Take a picture
Smile, 3, 2, 1, click
Relief, relief, stress relief
Like the free-spirited people of the subway, ignore everything
My dog-like attitude is as precious as your genuinity
Hey you scoundrel, you lay low
My rap is like bollito

Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.
This high won't ever wear off even if I'm dead
Up in the sky, man I'm feelin' so high.

My High is Epik

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