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Who want a Porterhouse steak with me-I got the juice like Porter Trusty-Ports and colorful weed-to ease the poor life scene-I spit it like a Porpoise King-through the porthole of insanity-ima Bosshawg with popo hands on heat-quicc hands that burn feins-rocc um up with my knuccles on Lean-like from cream to Mountain King-I watch any channel I want like the Pirate Black Box-I'm feared on lock I gotta walk with a chain and black box-ninjaz in the hood hungry they eat up Marie Calendars with the Pacman Machine-on Atlantic BLVD-plus the Pacman Arcade on Colorado BLVD-in the S.G.V-Fiverr having niggaz coming up short on Zero-niggaz use to pimp giving hoes Twitter followers for blows like a Horny Super Hero-Seo Clerks got Bosses no longer needing there Secretary-for the big raise or advance they just place a order by the plenty-a Ho is number 80-magical like a Eightball-because they be shaking on my balls where all there magic happens-like the Loveboats bedroom and im they Captain-! I'm off the wall off the tile-I spit and rep like reptile-where the bullets spit I rep that Brooklyn Avenue Green Isle-to the death like the Green Mile-Chiccen Legs loves to licc my drumstick-I give her the best bump hits-big bass in her rumps citch-I get paid when I lay big poccets on lump bitch-our bodies in the morgue never cool-HellBoys my niggAh u already knew-I be in the Mall I just take my picc-like all of a sudden bad bitches on a niggah dicc-it's like the end of Devil's Advocate everywhere I go the temptation I gotta resist-but this ain't no movie this real life it's as real as it gets-them bad ass hoes the news reporters live on da scene-they wanna do it in front of the whole wide world my ninjaz on me-just peep my blacc and yellow Ying & Yang tat-it stands 4 Asiatic Pac & dat Felix Blacc Cat-opposite side is my AP & spider web a juicy trap-4 a Fly Gurl Killah dat don't know how 2 act-Wifey is a Bell Flower she spits like a nut but mostly swallows it-more like gob! bles it-like my Odie slobs on it-she got the Juice-with my Asi! atic Bis hop on da roof-when the nightfall you might get wet up-waterfalls of the super unleaded-go go gas bullets that are by da ton leaded-we don't take L's in the Hood no losses-the only L's we take is Life Sentences like Hood Bosses-we flipping Big Macs & Happy Meals with some Double Arch Deluxe-step on them and make big buccs-in the land of guns & drugs-green mint chocalate chip shakes-everyday all day-we luccay-4 Leaf Clover ballin everyday St.Patricks Day-you could pinch me-but it's not a dream-we always wearing green-we Bubble Blocc All Star Kingz-& Queenz-that citch ass niggaz tattoo piece look like The Great Pacific Garbage Patch-have you seen the polluted waves on that?-and you actually paid him for that-and we from the Poor LAndz-growing up on Ramens & poorage-punks with no juice-look at your no life that's the proof-you a catfish that o.ded off the bottom of shit lake-ya belly flopped what picc up lame?-tryna be the Big Homie-but how you a undercover pig phonie-your favo! rite quote "Thanks For Being A Snitch For Me"-haters wanna deflate our balls like we The Patriots-especially when you winning that's how you see how bad the hate really gets-I hang my gal on da low-like Gallows-now that David Letterman says Good Night-maybe the cracc epidemic won't be as high-Ronald Regan Era Jay Leno Moon Mac Tonite-Jay & David be craccing me up-niggaz be smoking cracc & bud-& watching PrimeTime T.V-a double up like cracc mixed with weed-I play this game of life like Arcadia's Lucky Baldwin-from the Hills to the Avenue called Baldwin-riding in my peeps Lexus fresh out on parole down Baldwin-to mobbing from the Parole Office walking home down Baldwin-to getting tatted up at Peter Gunz then walking home down Baldwin-I'm so bad I'm still catching up-with the Homies in prison when it comes to showers & grub-now that I'm free I can shower for a long time & eat fastly-cuz when I was in The Hole The SHU no food purchases or long showers we assed Gee-I look more t! anned not white & ghastly-not to much sun in The Hole The SHU ! reccing in cages like Kings That be Blasting-with Dreamland tools that put you to sleep-out of Kirby's Tool Box K.T.B-you got the King of The Cage Eastside Cannery-call us the Don of The Cage Eastside Cardinals on cemetary-we throw & flow way 2 deadly-Inmates make that White Lighting I make that Black Thundo-a gang of oranges & grapefruits by da bunch load-with a box of C&H sugar cubes-& some frozen concentrated orange juice-with a lot of white bread in the brew-let it stew-add a little strawberry Smuckers jelly-brings the Dragon Fire to da belly-of the BEAST-that's the secret the breads wheat & yeast-put it in a bowl let it heat in the microwave-let it sit for ten days-be careful with the Kicker the pulp of the fruits-it has the most bacteria & will or could kill you-just think of it as FOOD POISONING or poison food-I have heard many stories of this being true-from even the Prison Guards to the Inmates in blue-keep it simple when you brew-just sugar, jelly, candies, syrups, bread, ! water, & fruits-the more stuff you mix in like potatoes, corn, chips, vegatables, etc.-could lead to your death bruh-trust me-like a Porter or Trusty-I got the best JUICE-I have too many years of experience that's the TRUTH-& the PROOF-when it comes to alcohol the best PROOF-and don't forget to wash your fruits with soap and hot water before you brew-you trying to shine to hard-get lit up and sparked-I'd rather stay inside and get charged-like da pull from da carb-I beat it up wolfystyle till da pearl clit look like a purple Chow toungue-on eternal hung-and eternal slump-I should of got the Kingpin Act-for all these Trap Traccs-filled with all these bumps on cracc-I love to rocc up these acapellas-straight from the mental-mix them with these instrumentals-straight from the Eastside 213 Ghettos-dirty hoes and foes hating on our plays-drop them everyday-like them flags in this football game-how I kicc flows and game-I got the keys to the bars-on Q the cesspool of Lock Up Raw-! like San Quentin Prison Officials-blowing whistles-it's No Lov! e for th ese frauds-like bitch you better swallow the Morning Pill After or your gone-famous freak don't matter she won't get my little Bishop Pawn-we don't ride-with citch niggaz that are bud dry-cottonmouth but they jealous green eyes-make there bud dry-look like bud light lime-auto clocc and kill time-like trolls-that scroll-thru the internet world-looking for a victim to tarnish they clean white pearl-them haters don't get the big picture they hanging on by a thumbnail-they looking dumber then thumbnail pictures of dumb bells-how did you stop my Thug Mail-you barely alive & you dead in the slums & in jail-my blacc diamond on my gold ring-looking like the pretty green eye of my Trapfull Queen-shining with the nectars the juices of Life-she run and go get it while I'm producing these rhymes-World Records for us Twin G.O.A.T.S-different traccs "Based On A True Story" same ship B.O.A.T.S-so who got the JUICE NOW? not you-this ain't the movie Juice-but if it was you will never see the! roof-you blacc listed you everyday is the proof-you facing more bad sales, lawsuits, ass beatings on layaway true-you fake ass wanna be type of fade away goons-you them type of stay away dudes-you scared of your own wife on your Honeymoon too-greedy ass snitches let the money consume you-we wipe our asses with yo papers who got da vapors?dem fumes consumed you-I'd rather rot in a LWOP Con's tomb then be you-even if you was every Porter Trusty you got no JUICE-miss me with your dullness when it's time for points to be proved-real Gangstas got a enullment with you cuz you scared to yo bone joints to move-

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