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Long Time Coming
Album/MovieLong Time Coming
ArtistsJustin Stone
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Mo3 - Long Time Coming Prod by Rob Stovall

Long Time Coming Mp3 Song Lyrics

Yo, never conversin' with my critics
I won't give 'em time of day
I'm writing different from the rest
Leave my incision in the game
Heart into this music
With my face up in the frame
Cause you ain't never seen a white kid
Do this I like I can
Moved to Columbus
Now all of Ohio show me love
If we talkin' hometown artist
That will make it I'm the one
Perception is what you see
Nobody had my vision
Back when I was writin' in that class
I never payed attention
Tearin' down the stage
Forget about a desk job
Gettin' girls and chasin' dreams
Swear I got the best job
I ain't making money
But I swear I got some perks
Trynna land a deal
Before they throw me in a hearse
Tell that label I don't need 'em
Loving all this freedom
All my fans gettin' hungry
So I got music to feed 'em
These girls be gettin' thirsty
Brought some Aquafina
On the stage I make it rain
Like reenacting Katrina
Hello, Senorita
My name is Justin where you from
Maybe I could make you mine
Well if you don't break my funds
Heard that I was fluent in French
She must be speaking tongues
Crazy how a year ago
Nobody showed me love
Now they do
Everybody in my city coming through
Put Ohio on my back
I've been grinding where were you
When I didn't have the fanbase
And I didn't have the buzz
Now these women hit me up
Because they know what I'll become
And that's BS so I don't respond to their text
Living in the moment down for whatever is next
I've been on a new high and I'm loving the view
To have a good time I don't need that vodka with juice
Complacent is all you is
You just try to be like everyone
I'm just tryna be myself
You won't find another one
Writin' 'bout my life
And my perception that I see
Used to wanna be like them
And now I wanna be like me
Bringing content back to music
God given gift and I use it
Facing all these demons
Get that money or you lose it
Had to take a risk I threw it in
Walking in like who is him
I'm the one you're 'bout know
So I don't need your compliments
Faking all this confidence until I actually got it
Paying all my bills tend to empty out my wallet
That's cool, I'm getting by, made a killing genocide
I'll be making six figures in my prime
But it's gonna take some time
To get where I wanna be
Remember nobody but my brother had faith in me
Now they tell me all the time
That I'm blowing up the scene
Man I feel like Michael Bay
Like I'm Scruby on this beat
Ohio I made it back
In the city that I grew up in
You think you are family
But you are just some common kin
No mannequin, I'm Ainken
Using force, you can't handle him
Ballin' on these rookies
Play you suckers like a mandolin
I'll let the fame ride out when it's suppose to
I'm sorry ladies you're the ones I can't get close to
I'll show you love
But I can never really stay
Cause I have some dreams
Of flyin' different cities everyday
I can't stay around and settle down
I got things to pursue
If you're down and you support me
Baby you'll be coming too
Let's be real I'm boutta make it
Long time coming
Weren't with me from the jump
Won't be there when I am somethin' waddup

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