It Was a Good Day (Originally Performed by Ice Cube) Mp3 Song Download

It Was a Good Day (Originally Performed by Ice Cube)
Album/MovieTop 40 Hits Hip Hop, Vol. 1
ArtistsGood Day
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It Was A Good Day

It Was a Good Day (Originally Performed by Ice Cube) Mp3 Song Lyrics

Just wakin' up in the mornin' gotta thank God
I don't know but today kinda odd
No barkin' from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog

I got my grub on, but didn't pig out
Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out

Hooked it up for later as I hit the do'
Thinkin' will I live another twenty-fo'
I gotta go 'cause I got me a drop top
And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop
Had to stop, at a red light
Lookin' in my mirror, not a jacker in sight
And everything is alright
I got a beep from Kim and she can fuck all night
Called up the homies and I'm askin' y'all
Which park, are y'all playin' basketball?
Get me on the court and I'm trouble
Last week fucked around and got a triple double
Freakin' niggaz everyway like M.J
I can't believe, today was a good day

Drove to the pad and hit the showers
Didn't even get no static from the cowards
'Cause just yesterday them fools tried to blast me
Saw the police and they rolled right past me
No flexin', didn't even look in a nigga's direction
As I ran the intersection
Went to Short Dog's house, they was watchin' yo! MTV Raps
What's the haps on the craps?
Shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em
Roll 'em in a circle of niggaz and watch me break 'em
With the seven, seven-eleven, seven-eleven
Seven even back do' Lil' Joe
I picked up the cash flow
Then we played bones, and I'm yellin' domino
Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A
Today was a good day

Left my nigga's house paid

Picked up a girl been tryin' to fuck since the 12th grade
It's ironic, I had the brew, she had the chronic
The lakers beat the Supersonics
I felt on the big fat fanny
Pulled out the jammy and killed the punanny
And my dick runs deep, so deep
So deep put her ass to sleep
Woke her up around one
She didn't hesitate to call Ice Cube the top gun
Drove her to the pad and I'm coastin'
Took another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motion
I was glad everything had worked out
Dropped her ass off and then chirped out
Today was like one of those fly dreams
Didn't even see a berry flashin' those high beams
No helicopter looking for a murder
Two in the mornin' got the Fatburger
Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp
And it read, "Ice Cube's a pimp"

Drunk as hell but no throwin' up
Half way home and my pager still blowin' up
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K
I got to say it was a good day

Hey wait, wait a minute Pooh, stop this shit
What the fuck I'm thinkin' about?

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