Our takedown system is a simple application that gives you the opportunity to create 2 lists (results / videos).

The results list allows you to add all type of keywords (example: an „artist name” or a „song name”). All search results containing these keywords will be immendiately removed from our search. The video list allows you to add YouTube video IDs (example: „KMU0tzLwhbE”). All YouTube video IDs listed on the video list will be blocked from converting.

To register an account please fill out the form below. You need to fill out all fields to submit the form. Also add a document of proof to validate your organization (please add the URL to the document. This document must be a PDF file).

After checking and validating your data we will create an account for you and we will send you the login to your email address. It may take 3-5 days after a successful registration to get your account data.